Pure Polyester Powder Coating PP

Product Description

The general building industry is a high quality market which needs innovation in the range of colours. We provide Innovative Shades for Innovative Designs.
Our polyester ranges of shades are capable of offering high resistance to extreme weather and consistency in the shade and the gloss level. A wide range of substrates are coated with these specially designed products.
Pure Polyester powders are good for out door use where considerable amount of sunlight is present. They have good weathering and mechanical properties and resistance to over baking. The surface finish has higher orange peel. TGIC is used as a hardener. It is used for glossy and semi glossy finishes.
Pure Polyester TGIC Free can be offered for countries where use of TGIC is not permitted.
Curing Temperature:
The cure schedule is normally 12 to15 minutes @ 180-190ºC metal temperature.